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familyofchoice's Journal

Family of Choice: A different sort of add me
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a friending community in which members create/join a family of their own choosing
About this community
This community is inspired by old school blogcrews where you would add members as friends and get to know each other personally AND in community, several similar livejournal-based mentorship communities: soeur_system, therosemansion, foretdefeuilles @ LJ, and ___guiding_star, and various friending communities with adding activities such as find_ljfriends.

This is a mentor-based community, separating into families, but taking into account that all genders may be interested in a mentor-type relationship. Therefore, all genders are allowed to apply, and are free to accept who they wish into their families. This theme has been influenced by the anime Maria-sama ga Miteru, and the soeur-system used in their school.

This community is not a game. End of story. This community deals with real people, real relationships, and as such, we would ask you to respect this.

Family Hierarchy
Head of Family: Members 20+ can start their own families. You can name your family whatever you want to name it. It doesn't have to be your "real name". It could be a made-up name, a star, an animal, a flower, a tree, a color. Just make sure your family name isn't taken already. (There may be exceptions to the 20+ rule allowed for 19-year-old members if their birthday is nearing. PM the mod if this applies to you.) You guide and support the younger members in your family.

Big: You support your head of the family. After one month you will be allowed to apply for a middle sibling of your own to guide.

Middle: You support your head of family and your big. After one month, you are allowed to apply for a little sibling of your own to guide.

Little: You support your head of family, big, and middle. You cannot take a younger sibling of your own.

Orphans: Orphans are any members who have submitted an application as unclaimed littles who can be accepted by Heads, Bigs or Middles to fill one of the family slots.

Community Applications

You can find the community applications here

Family Choosing Ceremony
You can find the family choosing ceremony here.

There will be weekly activities to get to know other families and members.

Master List of Families
You can find the masterlist of families here.

Affiliates & Mirrors
This community is mirrored on Dreamwidth.
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